Best Mechanical Pencil Lead for Drawing 

Pencils are one of the most important components when it comes to drawing. Now instead of normal pencils most of us prefer mechanical pencils as it is easier to handle when compared to normal pencils. In mechanical pencil, one can change the lead if it’s broken or short whereas in pencil once the lead is broken or short we have to sharpen it which is an additional waste of time. 

When we think of fine art the one thing that comes to our mind is the pencil we need to use. The mechanical pencil gives you an edge to your artwork. There are a few types of mechanical pencils they are: Screw based, Rachet based. Screw based pencil otherwise known as clutch based advances the lead by a slight twist of the screw and it was most popular in the twelfth century. Rachet based pencil advances the lead when the buttons jaws inside the ring of the pencil are pushed.

Another aspect of the mechanical pencil is the lead of a pencil. Its lead is of a single diameter and consists of sizes like 0.3, 0.5 and 0.7mm and provides excellent precision to your work. Apart from the mentioned sizes there is also lead that comes in a size of 1 mm which is rare to be found. If you want your drawing or artwork to be the best and outstanding then use mechanical pencils instead of normal pencils and thinking about the Best Wedge Pillow for Side Sleepers.

Some of the most popular Mechanical pencils leads for drawing are as follows: 

  1. Pentel mechanical pencil lead
  2. Jovitec mechanical pencil lead
  3. Staedtler mechanical pencil lead
  4. BIC  mechanical pencil lead
  5. Zebra Delguard mechanical pencil lead


1. Pentel mechanical pencil lead

Pentel mechanical pencil lead is the world’s no.1 selling brand. Based in Japan, Pentel has the best break-resistant pencil leads. It is equivalent to other HB pencils. Their sizes range from 0.5 to 0.9mm. For each, the price varies. For instance, the 0.7mm lead will cost you $ 4.22. They are 100 percent plastic products.  There are pros and cons of the Pentel mechanical lead they are: Pros

  • High durability 

Pentel mechanical pencil lead has high durability as it withstands wear and pressure.

  • Non- breakable 

It is strong and unbreakable. For instance, it doesn’t shake or fall and break from our hands when we are drawing.


  • Less availability of different diameters of lead.

Not all diameters of lead are available. For instance, Pentel smash doesn’t come in the above-mentioned diameters.

2. Jovitec

Another popular mechanical pencil set is the Jovitec. The leads are strong, smooth and suitable for students who prefer art works. Its price varies. For instance 2mm lead is$ 8.99. The sizes of the lead vary from 0.5mm to 2 mm. pros and cons. Pros:

  • Non breakable feature

The lead comes with the non-breakable feature. Art work/drawing becomes easy with Jovitec.

  • Accuracy and precision

              Jovitec lead works in accuracy and precision and helps students make their art work outstanding. 


  • Even though it comes in non breakable feature, sometimes it can break or get stuck.
  • Compared to other pencils it does not come with the eraser.

3. Staedtler mechanical pencil lead

Staedtler mechanical pencil lead works with push button holders. Made in Germany, Staedtler is popular among students who are interested in art works and drawing. It comes in size 2mm. you can get Staedler mechanical pencil in $ 11.80. Pros and cons of Staedtler are as follows. Pros: 

  • Sophisticated look and innovative design

The mechanical pencil is highly sophisticated and unique in its design.

  • Easily replaceable leads 

Staedtler lead can be easily replaced with another refill without much time consumption.

4. BIC Mechanical pencil lead

Most reliable mechanical pencil lead of all is BIC. It advances lead with one click. It comes in sizes 0.5 to 0.7mm. One can buy BIC mechanical pencil lead in $ 4.48. Pros and Cons of BIC pencil lead are: Pros; 

  • The leads come preloaded which makes the holder operation easy.

BIC Mechanical pencil lead comes already preloaded and it makes the operation of the pencil easy.

  • Multilayer to protect the lead from breakage.

The lead is multi layered so that it is protected from breaking.

  • Widespread availability of the lead

BIC lead is available without shortage.


  • Thin and prone to break sometimes.

Even though it comes in multi layers sometimes with increase in pressure leads to lead breakage. 

  • Leads disintegrate quicker than normal.

The leads have a tendency to disintegrate faster.

5. Zebra Delguard Mechanical pencil lead

Another most popular Mechanical pencil lead is Zebra Delguard lead. They move like waves smoothly. It comes in sizes 0.5 to 0.7 mm and it costs also varies. 0.7mm costs around $ 4. Pros and Cons of Zebra Delguard are as follows:


  • Less or no lead breakage

Since the lead is strong the chances of lead breakage is less.

  • Good value perfectly functional lead

When you invest in Zebra Delguard you will get the best out of it and a perfect art work.


  • Expensive pencil leads.

The only con is that the lead is pretty expensive.

          But when it comes to the best choice among these 5 brands I would go for Pentel Mechanical pencil leads because for those who want to invest in the best quality and affordable price then this is the best. It is manufactured in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and France also comes in affordable price. With its HB quality lead similar to the normal HB pencils you can bring out the quality of your art work or drawing. 


Hence mechanical pencils are the optimum choice for students and in general for people who are passionate about drawing and art work and for those who crave for precision and beauty at the same time in their art work. Use the best quality Mechanical pencil and make your drawings the best. They are available in different sizes as you want.